2nd $POWER Buyback&Burn

2 min readJun 30, 2022


Each quarter, starting in the first quarter of 2022, we have committed to repurchase 56% of our turnover of the previous quarter valued in euros. This repurchase of POWER is done on the market, more than half of these tokens are then immediately destroyed (up to 32% of the turnover).

Still in accordance with the promise of the whitepaper, the final buyback price of the tokens is increased according to the following calculation method:

  • up to the POWER amount of your purchase during the ICO: +32%,
  • up to 2 times the amount in POWER of your purchase during the ICO: +16%.

For this quarter, we bought back 11200 euros (11718 BUSD) worth of $POWER, at a reference value of 0.8607 BUSD per $POWER. All tokens were redeemed at +32% (see this Medium article for a reminder of the benefits given to presale participants).

How is the buyback structured?

221 people participated for a total of $137988POWER.
16 people were redeemed (the last one partially) for a total of $10314POWER.

Out of these 10314 tokens :

  • 57.14% or 5893.7 $POWER (32% of the turnover) were destroyed
  • 14.29% or 1473.4 $POWER (8% of the turnover) should have been used to pay the team but were also destroyed
  • 28.57% or 2946.9 $POWER (16% of the turnover) will be used to remunerate the ecosystem

The destruction of the 5893.7 $POWER can be seen here :


The destruction of 1473.4 $POWER can be seen here :


The “Total supply” of $POWER thus decreases to 49,973,600.714285 tokens.

To learn more about the Buyback&Burn process, please read the Whitepaper and our dedicated tutorial.

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