POWER Newsletter November 2021


POWER token is on the market 4 months ahead of schedule! 🚀

The introduction was accompanied by a marketing campaign on YouTube and the first TV spot in France concerning a crypto market introduction. BFM TV, BFM Business, CNEWS, RLT, almost 200 spots from December 1st to 7th on these French TV channels (see the video clip). The team will have spent 8 weeks negotiating with the ARPP (French Professional Advertising Regulatory Authority). 📺

A new website dedicated to the market introduction is available here and the updated whitepaper here.

You can buy POWER through our partners:

Our listing is a success thanks to our Shadow Liquidity Pool (SLiPv2) with a $POWER currently stabilized above $4 on a liquidity pool of $940,000 from the ICO.

Controlling the liquidity of an asset is one of the keys to its long-term success. Liquidity pacts exist in all companies that go public, even though this approach aims to find a form of liquidity. This may seem counterintuitive to some, but with SLiPv1 and v2 we are just transposing this best practice from a mature market to the crypto market which is in the process of being built. Why would new investors come in if they don’t have a guarantee that the community behind the project will respect their price and not make them take a lasting risk of price decline?

Crypto assets are evolving very fast and are being introduced in all areas of economic exchange. DeFi for finance, NFTs for gaming and art, layer2 for projects with an underlying like our POWER that seek to create an ecosystem while controlling the costs of its operation.
Crypto assets are evolving very fast and are being introduced in all areas of economic exchange. DeFi for finance, NFTs for gaming and art,

The team’s priority is now to increase the number of POWER holders, the volume on the exchanges and to make the potential of our community and our assets known to institutional crypto investors.


The ambitious milestones for POWER could not be achieved without liquidity control. That’s why the lock-in of ICO investors’ tokens has been extended to 36 months, at the proposal of the team and with the agreement of more than 98% of the community. The full release of the tokens on the exchanges will therefore not take place on the first burn of March 2022.

To learn more about the changes brought about by the implementation of SLiPv2, watch our latest dedicated YouTube live (FR).

$POWER Liquidity

However, this does not prevent $POWER holders from being able to sell their $POWER immediately, partially or even in full if they wish via the OTCivic platform, which is available to the entire community.

In addition, a schedule of future TP (Take Profit) organized by the team and implemented from the year 2022 will be made public in December. These scheduled TP’s configured from your Civicpower account will allow you to access the liquidity of the exchanges once it is available, we hope, as a result of our efforts to promote POWER. The interest may be a higher price and eventually a liquidity that we hope will be more important.

Tokens purchased during the IDO (initial dex offering on Pancake) or the IEO (initial exchange offering on Zebitex) are not blocked in the SLiP.

To learn more about the different asset classes of the POWER: https://civicpower.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408482968849-Les-classes-d-actifs-POWER.

All ICO presale participants will also be able to get their tokens redeemed at the quarterly burn, bringing the number of ways they can sell their POWER to 3. The list of pre-sale participants is transparent, it can be found here.

As a reminder, the buy back & burn mechanism is at the core of our business model. Each quarter, we plan to spend more than 56% of the revenue generated by the Votelab business related to the use of the application to buy back $POWER tokens on the market. 32% will then be burned with proof accessible on the blockchain, 24% redistributed to the team as a performance bonus.

Operation “Firebug”

The community has voted to create the “Firebug” fund with an amount of 20% of the tokens of the community and the foundation. The objective is to be able to use these resources at the time of the quarterly burns, in addition to the revenues of Votelab, in order to increase the deflationary pressure on the POWER. These are the “LOCK” tokens that appear on your account page https://app.civicpower.io/token.


Two targets have been set for the team by the community in 2022, allowing them to confirm the positive progression of the value of $POWER during the year: a value of $3 at the first burn scheduled for February 26 and $10 at the end of 2022. If one of these 2 objectives is not reached, it is the return to SLiPv1 and the massive release of tokens on the market.



Our play to earn game had a good start with a presale to the community. Find all the details on the official website CryptoPolitics.
The schedule is very aggressive with a release in January of a first version of the application. Until then, the presale will be open to all, while keeping the priority of access to the staking of safes in the store to the POWER community of course.
Accessible from the menu, a page dedicated to the game has appeared on your Civicpower account, it will evolve over time: https://app.civicpower.io/cyp

Civicpower Blockchain

The development of the Civicpower layer 1 blockchain will (finally) start in January. A first draft paper is available here, related to the proof-of-asset, the layer 2 blockchain currently used in production which is a preliminary work done by our partner inBlocks. For users the current solution allows them to benefit from blockchain voting proofs without waiting for the mainnet of our Civicpower blockchain which will only be available in 2023.

What next?

We have identified 6 main actions to allow an upward pressure on the price of POWER, to develop and expand our community:

  • Voting clouds: marketing has begun through VOTELAB in France and the English market is being examined with JDA. This is the main source of revenue that is being built up for the medium/long term and will enable the buy-back & burn mechanism at the heart of our business model. The sales cycle is long (12 to 18 months),
  • Affiliation: which aims to bring citizens into the community through influencers and thus increase the number of Civicpower users. We are currently in contact with some personalities such as Alexandre Lacazette and we can’t wait to tell you more about it!
  • Play2Earn CryptoPolitics game: we have launched a few days ago the presale of chests related to our game of collection & battle NFT. A new menu will soon be available in the application allowing the management of purchased chests, sponsorship, etc.
    The project will be built according to the popularity of the game and the sale of NFT. The game development team is not the same as the one developing the voting clouds so the overall schedule is not impacted.
    To learn more about this game that helps to promote Civicpower through NFTs related to our universe, watch our dedicated AMA(FR) and visit the website and its FAQ.
    Every Civicpower user will get a free chest. If you are interested to have more the whitepaper here, the telegram group here, the discord there, the instagram, the facebook group. If you are interested in purchasing boxes, please click here,
  • Marketing: as you know, the listing was accompanied by a TV campaign in France and on YouTube. Our commercial was broadcast on BFM, BFM Business and CNEWS from December 1 to 7. In detail we are talking about 41 pts of GRP, 16% of coverage, 2.5 of repetition and 10.4M contacts,
  • Civicpower Blockchain creation: this is the main reason why we proposed a change of plan through SLiPv2. The development of our voting blockchain will be funded by the release of Foundation tokens. We believe it will take at least 1 year of work to have a credible and robust product,
  • Staking: the realization of passive income will be realized via the staking of the citizen reserve, which is the preparatory offer to that of the blockchain, or in the $CYP the currency of CryptoPolitics. To learn more about staking, read this article: https://www.presse-citron.net/crypto/faq/staking/.

Civicpower ecosystem links:

🗳️ Civicpower

📱 Our webapp: https://app.civicpower.io

🌐 Website : https://civicpower.vote

☢️ Beta test group: https://t.me/powerbeta

💡 Idea box: https://civicpower.io/idea-box/

Telegram: https://t.me/civicpowerio

Twitter: https://twitter.com/civicpowerio


Partner integrator France: https://votelab.io


Main website: https://civicpower.io


The burnlist: https://burnlist.civicpower.io/burnlist/

🦄 Announcements: https://t.me/powerAnnouncements

Social networks:


📈 OTCivic

Main site: https://otc.civicpower.io

Offer board: https://burnlist.civicpower.io

Telegram :

Help: https://civicpower.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408478051217-Guide-de-la-plateforme-OTCivic

🎁 The famous 100k challenge:

🇫🇷 https://civicpower.io/civicid/

🇬🇧/🇺🇸 https://civicpower.io/civicid_fr/


₿ The Civicpower Blockchain: https://t.me/civicpowerblockchain

🏆 Polls (Presidential 2022): https://sondages.civicpower.vote

🤫 Cryptopolitics: secret project








The alliance of POWER and TRUST in your hands ! POWER is the utility token of Civicpower, an application that gives back power to people via digital voting.

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The alliance of POWER and TRUST in your hands ! POWER is the utility token of Civicpower, an application that gives back power to people via digital voting.

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