The $POWER ecosystem

The notion of voting requires a specialist to be credible when scaling up. It’s a bit like Paypal, Mango or Lemonways for payment. It is always better to have a trusted third party between the service and the user to confirm that the transaction is going well.

On the technical side we have developed a plug-in that allows an integration in a few minutes for our Civtech ecosystem, media and more generally all our institutional or corporate customers who wish to make their audience vote without leaving their service.

You can test the widget on this demo site.

On the business side, we plan to allocate a significant portion of our revenue to user recruitment through partnerships: 16% in 2022 and 2023, 8% thereafter (see ICO’s details here).

The Civicpower team is now more than twenty people within the foundation, the integrator Votelab and the token POWER team.
Civicpower website
Public vote cloud
$POWER token
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The alliance of POWER and TRUST in your hands ! POWER is the utility token of Civicpower, an application that gives back power to people via digital voting.