Dear POWER Community,

The POWER news has been very busy and a lot of information has been communicated during the month of September, it is time to review with you…

A successful ICO

As you know, the ICO of the POWER ended on September 1st. We consider that this operation was a success…

The introduction of POWER on a DEX has begun. This Initial DEX Offering (IDO) process will lead to the listing the $POWER on the PancakeSwap platform by the end of the year.

ICO & post-ICO

At the end of its ICO, $POWER gathered +2,400 participants who invested +3,500,000 USDT, making…

Our first NFT is available. Is this a fun gimmick or a relevant medium for our community? Let’s see what we are talking about.

Our first NFT is a badge that acknowledges the competence of Civicpower’s “Terms of service Master”. This is true for 102 citizens who found the mention…

Dear POWER Community,

Following the vote on May 22, 80% of you confirmed that it was a good decision to reduce the average price of the $POWER acquired during the presale to 0.15 USDT for all participants in the “whitelist”.

So for example:
You acquired 100,000 POWER for 20,000 USDT (POWER…

Dear $POWER community

First of all we would like to thank all the participants of the whitelist for your trust and interest in our project.

To date, more than 3000 people have registered! What a success!

It’s time to open the presale! You will also have the option to pay…

The notion of voting requires a specialist to be credible when scaling up. It’s a bit like Paypal, Mango or Lemonways for payment. It is always better to have a trusted third party between the service and the user to confirm that the transaction is going well.

On the technical…

$POWER value chain

As part of the launch of the $POWER token, we have decided to set up a whitelist of participants to the presale.

This priority subscription list will give you access to very important advantages:

1/ the possibility of becoming a member of the Civicpower association, which gives you privileged access…


The alliance of POWER and TRUST in your hands ! POWER is the utility token of Civicpower, an application that gives back power to people via digital voting.

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