Start staking your POWER tokens

3 min readJan 25, 2022


Dear POWER Community,

POWER staking is available here:

To access it, you must have secured your Civicpower account through the double authentication mechanism (2FA). Go to to activate it if you have not yet done so


Once on, click on the blue STAKE button then fill in the amount in token to be staked.

Recover all your staked POWER by clicking on the red UNSTAKE button and claim your rewards by clicking on the green CLAIM button.

Please note that each staking and unstaking operation incurs operating costs (0.5%).

For more information, see our dedicated AMA of January 24 (:

For more information about the different asset classes:

Glossary :

Staking is the act of immobilizing a crypto-currency in a smart contract in order to participate in the operations that take place on a blockchain. Staking is an alternative function to mining in the sense that they reward users who participate in securing a decentralized network. You will thus store your cryptos while benefiting from advantages.

This is an acronym you will often encounter in the DeFi world. TVL (Total Locked Value) represents the amount of assets that are currently in play or “locked up” in a specific DeFi protocol. Since in DeFi there needs to be a capital deposit, often in the form of a loan guarantee or liquidity in a pool, TVL also measures the degree of adoption, the scale of a project.

Total Staked
Total assets (tokens) immobilized in the Staking program.

Total number of participants in the Staking program.

Total Reward
Total number of tokens to be awarded.

Staking duration
The maximum duration of the Staking program.

Annual Percentage Rate: APR is gross interest, earned over a year.

Staked amount
Total amount of Chips locked in the current Staking program

Stake Share
The percentage of your immobilized tokens compared to all the staked tokens of the current staking program.

Claimed Rewards
The amount of rewarded tokens already claimed.

Unclaimed rewards
The amount of rewarded tokens not yet claimed. These rewards can be claimed at any time.

Votelab SAS is a company with a mission within the meaning of Decree №2020–1 of January 2, 2020 introduced by the PACTE Act of 2019. The company is independent, 100% owned by its founders and self-financed.

Civicpower is an association under the 1901 law. It controls access to the private key of the blockchain, the gits of the code, the governance of ChainR OÜ which holds the POWER treasure, owns the Civicpower and CryptoPolitics brand as well as the users database.

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The alliance of POWER and TRUST in your hands ! POWER is the utility token of Civicpower, an application that gives back power to people via digital voting.